music and climate change

Sustainer Brothers

Songs based upon Naomi Klein's 'This Changes Everything'

When I read Naomi Klein's book about climate change and capitalism I was not only impressed by what Naomi had written but also by the expressiveness of her language. It struck me that this stuff could be used straight away as song lyrics.


I started marking passages all over the book, and the next day I took my guitar and tried singing some of it. It worked and it sounded cool.

The Mess

Frank Wolff & Markus Schmid

(here are the lyrics)


Naomi Klein - This Changes Everything
Naomi Klein - This Changes Everything

I'm a guitarist / songwriter and at the same time a campaigner / activist at WISE, a small environmental organization in Amsterdam focusing on energy issues. At work, I address global warming and climate change almost daily in various ways. But somehow I hadn't yet found a way to combine sustainability and music, they seemed two separate worlds. Music about environmental issues easily becomes moralistic and pathetic. Who wanted to listen to songs about climate change anyway? Its all just seemed too heavy and the time of protest songs seemed long ago...

The New Movement 

Frank Wolff & Markus Schmid


Live at the coal power station / Amsterdam

The 'Sustainer Brothers' Vince and Markus performing at the prescreening of Avi Lewis' and Naomi Klein's film 'This Changes Everything'. The film (and our performance aswell...) was projected on the power plant which was a spectacular sight. Hundreds of people had come to this weird location in the industrial area outside Amsterdam.